Alternative to Preschool Suffolk Va

Approach to Preschool

In our Kids Yoga Day Camp, we are committed to raising children with as much love, attention, patience, and kindness as they receive when they are with you. We provide a special environment where children learn and play, surrounded by laughter, love, and a deep appreciation for life. This is a rich and rewarding experience for the children, focusing on social, emotional, and physical development. The child’s creative and imaginative capacities are allowed to flourish as each child discovers and learns about their world through experiences and interactions with those around them. Kids Yoga Day Camp is year-round, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-11:30 for 2 to 5 year olds. We are an alternative to daycare and preschool in Suffolk, Va.

Our Teachers/Instructors

Our Instructors have years of experience working with children and are skilled in alternative therapies. Our Teachers are selected due to their experience and education, completed state background checks, as well as meaningful teaching and cultural experiences they bring to Organic Roots.

Our teachers are dedicated to the mental, emotional, and physical development of the students in an organic way. Organic Roots staff values diversity and inclusion. We seek to understand differences, and to honor and respect those who have different views and beliefs. 

We value:

-unique holistic curriculum centered around yoga, music, environmental stewardship, and well-being

-small child to teacher ratio

-farm to table (when in season), organic plant based snacks

A Day in the Life at Kids Yoga Day Camp 

Welcome Yoga- "I can't wait to see my teachers when I get to school! My teacher is handing out dinosaur tails for our yoga adventure today! She tells us a story about dinosaurs and we follow her into fun yoga poses." {movement, physical coordination, imaginative play}

Snack- "Before our snack we all wash our hands and sing the hand washing song. Our teachers bring us yummy organic pancakes with raspberries from the garden for our snack. I'm the helper today, so I make sure that everyone gets a plate." {hygiene, please and thank you, problem solving}

Gathering- "We sit in a circle and greet all of our friends. Then we sing the circle song with the movements we have learned."  {motor control}

Art Exploration- "Today we are making natural paints with beets and turmeric. We count all of the paints and then paint pictures." {creative expression, counting}

Foreign Language- "I love our Hebrew class! Today we practiced counting with the song, Echat, Shteim, Shalosh!" {cognitive development, empathy to diversity}

Farewell Activity- "We clean our play room so others can enjoy it. I can't wait to sing the new song I learned to my mom, give my dad the picture I painted, and show them the stickers I earned for being the snack helper today!" {community} 

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