Coronavirus Changes

Update 3/20

Hello friends! We are responding to your requests and will be offering virtual classes in order to stay calm, reduce anxiety, and boost our immune systems during this period.

We are not professionals with virtual classes, lacking experience as well as tools. We are using our cell phone for recording so those of you who are new to this virtual reality, we are in this together!

*please view the schedule on the homepage *


What you will need for yoga classes:

Mat, blocks, strap, and blanket. If you don't have props at home grab pillows and a scarf. 

Access to: A phone, tablet, or computer. 

Option 1.) Cell Phone: Download the Zoom App and use your phone for the class. 

Once you have downloaded the app click: and you will be taken to the meeting.

Option 2.) Computer: Go to you have the option to download the software and create an account OR you can  sign in for a meeting  from the zoom web page (, where it says 'join a meeting.' Simply put the meeting ID (below).

Join Zoom Meeting  A direct link:  Select link and will take you to the meeting. 

Or go to www.zoom.usand put the meeting ID in join a meeting selection. 

If would like to make a donation for any classes you may do so at:

Any questions about this (or login issues) please just let us know by calling 757-809-6579 . Please call prior to the class/discussion. 

As always we are happy to hear your needs, requests, and feedback.

We are all in this together,

Inhaling and exhaling fully,

Kipi and Selena

Update 3/17

Hello Organic Roots Family,

Let’s take a breath together: Breathe in through your nose, allowing your diaphragm to descend, belly to expand...1, 2, 3...and breathe out, slowly and fully...repeat as often as needed...We care about each and every one of you. Now...

Three announcements because we care:

1.) All group yoga classes will be cancelled through Marchin order to create social distancing and help stop the quick spread of Coronavirus. All prepaid classes may be used towards future classes. We are looking for virtual class options. We do not have any experience with hosting virtual classes so if you have any tips please let us know! Yoga asanas (postures) and mindfulness can be practiced anywhere so please continue your practice at home. Yoga boosts your immune system as well as diffuses stress. Private classes will continue as usual as there is more space and will support “social distancing”. If you would like to begin private classes you may schedule online. If you have regular private classes and do not feel comfortable keeping them due to Coronavirus please call us to cancel. 

2.) One main value of yoga and at Organic Roots is cultivating and supporting our community through selfless service. We have several people at the studio who are considered in the higher risk group for Coronavirus, some of them having no local family. If you are in this category and need assistance with grocery pickup please let us know by calling 7578096579 so that we can assist you. Please give extra support to those in the high risk group who you know personally during this time. Isolation is lonely, so a call or handwritten letter can bring a sense of connection and support as well. 

3.) Yoga Alliance has announced that due to Coronavirus Yoga Teacher Training Classes may temporarily be given online. Therefore we still plan to host Yoga Teacher Training beginning in June whether online or in person. We will still require the practicum/student teaching portion be in person. Register online.

4.) Massage-Chad and Selena are continuing massages as regular at this time. As always we change sheets, wash our hands, and clean the area between each client. If you have an upcoming appointment and have a cold or any sickness at all, or if you do not feel comfortable regarding Coronavirus, please call to cancel. 

All of this information is subject to change and we will adapt as needed. 

As always your feedback and thoughts are welcome. 

Spread Light and Love, not Coronavirus :)

Kipi and Selena